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Hello Chris, before I start I would like to say that I feel super excited about your new project and the plans for your career, it's inspiring!

I just like you started with technology at 14 years old, today with 24 years old I feel in search of new steps and I have been looking for +1 year to dedicate myself to projects that are particular and at the same time I can acquire new skills to continue growing, technically and also financially, your project came at a great time.

I have started a new project where I will create digital content and focus on sharing knowledge in things I know and am learning, never had experience in creating my own business so I'm very curious and also with many doubts, especially in a business where I will be in charge of everything (at least initially). I would like to know what are the initial tips for people who are looking for create their first personal project/company.

Thanks and good luck on the project!

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Stoked for this newsletter! The topics are :chefs-kiss:

Things I'm especially curious about:

- maximizing wealth: shoot for promos at work, or build something outside work?

- 7-hour work week, is that for a side project or something about a FT job? lol

- building and scaling a business. especially if you live in the US.

- growing as a parent

Cheers man!

A little comment about the business stuff - we had some tax help and the woman said, "You should have more business expenses!" and goal of 2022 is to find business tools that can help my course and other income grow that we can write off. Any advice there would be interesting.

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Best of luck Chris, just can't wait to lean from your experience building online business platforms and becoming a luxury nerd.

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All the very best Chris.👏👏👏

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Chris, best of luck in your new project! I'm looking forward reading your newsletters!

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